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In today’s fast-paced digital world, telecoms and media organisations are under huge pressure to deliver innovative new products, systems and services.

Providers within this highly competitive space need to meet an aggressive product release schedule with no loss of quality or interruption of existing systems and software services, while delivering state of the art user experience.

The way to accelerate innovation and maintain or increase media and telecom quality assurance of released software is by creating an agile environment based on a ‘test as you go’ continuous systems and software testing framework. This quality safety-net gives you the freedom to innovate and helps to ensure that once the development phase is complete, your products are market ready.

How SQS Helps Telecoms and Media Businesses

At SQS, we have been helping telecoms and media clients deliver successful projects for over 30 years. Through quality assurance and software testing, our team of global consultants help clients to innovate with new and emerging technologies, such as: 4G networks, mobile payments, near-field communications (NFC) and IPTV.

Our experience and knowledge in the telecoms and media sector for quality assurance and software testing spans the full SDLC; from concept to delivery. We remain your quality partner throughout, ensuring that your software and application developments meet the requirements of the specification, the market and your business goals.

We work across the full spectrum of core telecoms software applications with both core and legacy environments. We have tested most of the products and services provided by telecoms and media on both fixed line and mobile services and devices.

Whether you are changing mobile network operations, updating back-office mediation and billing systems, or looking for a more efficient way of managing your software quality, our consultative services help you deliver better quality software faster. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you compete.

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