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SQS was founded on one core idea: to sustainably optimise our customers’ business processes through quality assurance software and IT systems. 

Transforming the World Through Quality

Today, over 30 years later, this tenet still holds true. However, in the current climate of digital transformation and rapid change, to optimise an organisation often means our ISTQB® certified specialist consultants helping it to adapt and change in order to remain competitive.

By outsourcing your quality assurance and software testing a company can ensure best industry practices.

Our single focus that ‘quality underpins everything you do as a business’ has made us the world’s leading independent quality partner for your digital demands. Our unswerving focus on quality assurance enables us to provide you with support in strategy development, business process assurance, through to requirements management, architectural views, delivery, governance and ultimately software testing. Our belief in the power of quality can be summarised in four core statements: 

Our values are part of who we are as an organisation, and are brought to life by every one of our employees:

  • Passion for quality
    We inspire our customer through thought-leadership, excellence and dedication
  • Professional partnership
    As an independent partner and advisor we give our customers confidence
  • Employees’ Excellence
    We meet with respect and attention, trust each other and develop our abilities further together
  • Responsibility
    We are obliged to align all our actions on a long-term basis
  • Honesty and Integrity
    We collaborate honestly with one another and put special value on sincerity, justice, trustworthiness and civil courage

We help our clients integrate quality into their strategy and within all development practices, smoothing their transformation journey and helping them compete in an ever-changing landscape. If you set high standards for your own software and IT systems, we can help you to achieve them.

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