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Shares in SQS were listed solely in the form of Depositary Interests on the AIM (Alternative Investment Market) of the London Stock Exchange until February 21st, 2018 and were additionally traded as Depositary Interests among other on the Open Market of Deutsche Börse, Frankfurt; this did not constitute a secondary listing on a regulated market. Each Depositary Interest is linked to one share (Aktie) in SQS, which the Registrar holds in custody.

All shares are embodied in a global share certificate which is deposited with our depository. The depository holds the global share certificate for the shareholders. Each shareholder is a joint owner of the global share certificate at a ratio corresponding to its shareholding in the Company. The Company needs to be informed about any share transfer to be able to effect the required registrations and cancellations in the shareholder register. Any queries relating to the assignment of the indirect possession of the global share certificate should be addressed to the attention of the Management Board of the Company.

  • Registrar (Depositary Interests):
    Computershare Investor Services PLC
    PO Box 82
    The Pavilions
    Bridgwater Road
    BS99 7NH
  • Financial PR:
    FTI Consulting LLP
    200 Aldersgate
    Aldersgate Street
    EC1A 4HD

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