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With competition from every angle, and customers able to find cheaper alternatives to branded parts very quickly, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers are under more pressure to increase quality, reduce costs and bring new products to market faster than ever before.

Technology is changing the way real-world objects are made, sold and maintained. And it’s in technology that manufacturing OEMs can gain the upper hand over their less advanced rivals, but only with quality at the core of your systems delivery.

Through the integration of your core business systems – ERP, PLM, MES and MRO – you can achieve end to end visibility and rely on one set of data to make informed decisions. You can reach the next level of process efficiency through the industrial internet of things (iIOT) helping the business make intelligent real-time actions through analytics and machine learning.  All of this technology will lead to full process quality integration, helping to cut costs and speed time to market.

Transformational Manufacturing

At SQS we are familiar with the pressures in discrete manufacturing and have hands-on experience of delivering best practice quality management to your deployment of systems within a product development and manufacturing environment. Our 4000 strong consultancy base has extensive experience in aerospace, high tech, consumer electronics and heavy industrial equipment.

  • Transformational Change
    We make low risk, high impact technological change possible. We can walk you through what it takes to adopt the seamless digital thread throughout the organisation leading to smart product and factory thinking, changing the way you fundamentally approach product development and manufacturing.
  • Cost Reduction
    We enable you to achieve lasting cost savings while systematically reducing expenditure by catching defects early.
  • ERP, MES and PLM Quality Assurance
    We find the most efficient way for manual, automated and performance testing of market leading ERP, MES and PLM solutions.
  • Early Error Detection
    Our services ensure right first time solutions from shifting left Quality from requirements validation through to product validation and on to full production.

Technology will make process manufacturing more efficient than ever before, contact us to see how we can help you do more with less.

Our advice is independent of any one system or technique, so your systems will be properly integrated and optimised for your own business performance. If you need guidance on moving your manufacturing into the digital age, get in touch.

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