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‘Reduce Time To Market’ and ‘Complexity’ sums up process manufacturing today. Product compliance demands from the regional regulatory bodies and the demands of the customers in those regions means that one product or brand has to meet those individual needs and get to market at increased speeds.

Managing the constantly moving parts between raw materials, material suppliers, differing product lines, regional customers’ demands, global production sites, warehouses and shipping locations is a logistical challenge.

The opportunity for goods or orders to ‘slip through the cracks’ is large, and the fast-moving nature of the industry means that often errors have multiplied hundreds of times before they are flagged up. 

With process manufacturers having to ensure that the materials they consume within their products comply with all regulations and to accelerate time to market, they are adopting Product Innovation platforms such as PLM.

Manufacturers are also having to adopt just in time (JIT) to reduce factory stock holding and work in progress (WIP), any errors in the system immediately cause production to halt and cost money – either in losses and rework, goodwill payments to clients. The answer is to let technology make sense of all this innovation and complexity, identify and flag up errors before they enter the system, and integrate quality into processes at a fundamental level.

How SQS can help with Process Manufacturing

We have 30 years of expertise in helping manufacturing organisations base their day to day activities on robust systems, enabling them to sustain transformation change, introduce quality management processes and plan for growth while minimising risk. Specifically, our services include:

  • Transformational Change
    We make low risk, high impact technological change possible. We can walk you through what it takes to adopt the seamless digital thread throughout the organisation leading to smart factory thinking, changing the way you fundamentally approach manufacturing.
  • Cost Reduction
    We enable you to achieve lasting cost savings while systematically reducing expenditure by catching defects early.
  • ERP, MES and PLM Quality Assurance
    We find the most efficient way for manual, automated and performance testing of market leading ERP, MES and PLM solutions.
  • Early Error Detection
    Our services ensure right first time solutions from shifting left Quality from requirements validation through to factory acceptance and on to full production.

Technology will make process manufacturing more efficient than ever before, contact us to see how we can help you do more with less.

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