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The success of your application launch hinges on two, seemingly opposing, factors: rapid launch and zero defects. However, in reality defects uncovered late in the development process tend to cause a delay in launch. Even worse, defects that remain within your application and are not detected at all leave you open to brand damage and revenue loss.

It’s your overall testing programme and testing framework that safeguards your application – and ultimately your business – from these problems.

Your testing approach should give you absolute faith in your application quality. It should provide assurance that your application will meet market and stakeholder specifications, and your testing framework should be set up to help you launch on time. And it should do all this within a cost that is acceptable to your business model.

The SQS HealthCheck makes sure that your testing programme and framework structure is working to help you launch your application on time, to specification and with maximum quality at a reasonable testing cost. 

SQS HealthCheck: Fixed Cost, Fixed Duration.

In a nutshell our HealthCheck is a fixed cost, fixed duration assessment on the effectiveness and efficiency of your own testing approach. The outcome of the SQS HealthCheck will identify opportunities to:

  • Increase testing efficiency, test better, faster, earlier
  • Reduce risk by ensuring your testing is not missing essential elements
  • Improve quality by focusing on defect prevention early on in the development

The SQS HealthCheck itself is a Three Step Process:

  • Step 1: Agree Scope
    Together we agree the detailed approach and identify any areas around which you have particular concern.
  • Step 2: Review
    Our Quality Assurance professionals with experience in your industry will analyse your testing procedures and discuss them with your team.
  • Step 3: SQS HealthCheck Report is written and delivered
    We’ll include our findings and actionable next steps you can take to realise improvements in efficiency and effectiveness. Further discussion on how we can help is available at this point.

The HealthCheck is based on over 30 years of SQS practical consulting experience in testing and QA, incorporating the combined experience of more than 4,600 SQS consultants and 10,000 testing projects. With it, you get a truly independent assessment of your quality assurance processes, carried out by those who are experts in their field.

HealthCheck Benefits

Suggestions for improvements may be implemented immediately, such as process efficiency improvements. Some benefits may be realised later, notably when more projects are delivered on time and within budget. It’s important to note that while the HealthCheck is fixed price and fixed duration, it’s actually extremely versatile, as outlined below:

  • Scalable
    Can be run for a project, a programme or an entire organisation.
  • Repeatable
    Can be run repeatedly to show improvement.
  • Immediate
    Delivers real immediate benefit from SQS’s kitbag.
  • Pragmatic
    Can be directed at specific areas of concern.
  • Collaborative
    Helps you to help yourself.
  • Independent
    An external view on your processes, risks and opportunities.

Ensure that your testing programme is as cost-efficient and comprehensive as possible. If you have any questions, or would like to book a HealthCheck, please contact us.

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