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Delivering Agility with Robotics

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a type of process automation that provides any organisation with an agile digital workforce. Robots can automate full or partial processes as well as integrate disparate systems to deliver multiple business benefits as shown below. RPA is more relevant now than ever before because of the unprecedented volumes of structured and unstructured data that must be analysed in any decision-making process – something that is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve manually

Decoding your RPA journey with MORSE 

RPA isn’t just about the technology. There is a whole world of consideration to put into any RPA initiative, both before and during your efficiency journey, such as governance, change management, and business collaboration. You must also consider if RPA is the right choice for your organisation. SQS Business Agility services work with our clients to ensure coverage in these areas using the SQS MORSE approach

Ensuring you Model and Optimise your processes before you look at Robotics will deliver maximum benefits efficiently. Ensuring you Sustain the benefit and Educate the business across the organisation will manage the transition of change and the ongoing improvement initiatives.

And let’s not forget Change Management. This is essential for any significant change in an organisation and in particular, for RPA initiatives. If the transition to RPA isn’t managed effectively this can lead to failure of the overall project.

Trusted RPA Advisors

The SQS Robotic Process Automation team will ensure your robotic solutions are secure, compliant and scalable.

Our RPA solution focuses on:

  • Quality – As an extension of our QA services we focus on quality across the entire lifecycle. Our framework is built to ensure quality measures are in place to drive delivery efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Benefits Realisation – We ensure that potential benefits and the expected ROI are clearly defined, aligned to strategic priorities and that projects are governed with a benefits focus.
  • Strategic Goals – Concentrating not just on the technology but on the overall strategic improvement and efficiency goals of our clients

As part of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service, SQS are working with several organisations, across multiple industries, to identify opportunities where automation will lead to increased efficiency and control. Typical engagements include guiding the overall set up from inception to production, as well as optimising and automating at an individual business process level. Our SQS RPA Best Practice Approach encompasses the full Lifecycle of a robotics solution and we support our clients to implement and execute this approach

  • Define – RPA Analysts define the process to be built. Low level details surrounding the process are captured and documented
  • Design - RPA Engineers design the Robot. All robots are designed for robustness and reusability
  • Build - Robots are built following Best Practice Approaches
  • Test - Robots are validated against initial requirements in conjunction with SMEs
  • Deploy - Once signed off, Robots are deployed and run in production
  • Monitor - Analytics are captured and analysed

Why SQS?

Through experienced Business Analysts, RPA Engineers, Programme, Project and Change Management Consultants, SQS provides direction and control across both Strategic and Delivery services. SQS are perfectly positioned to help navigate you through your RPA journey.

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