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Utility organisations will account for two-thirds of the 30 billion smart, wirelessly connected devices in homes and utilities worldwide by 2020 according to a recent research. 

With the escalating revenue opportunities there is a call for intense customer engagement and robust, quality driven end-to-end testing.

“Testing must be robust: end-to-end across industry parties and the Data and Communications Company (DCC) and in live solutions. If interoperability is not consistent and systems and processes not failsafe, it risks undermining consumer confidence.” 
Neil Pennington, RWE npower director of smart innovation.

Our whitepaper gives you an insight into the importance of assured reliability in connecting devices. It outlines how to increase performance and consistency of the functionality. Rigorous testing will be vital to avert shortfalls and risks in performance and security that could undermine the prospects for connected technology. Energy providers wishing to ensure customers' loyalty and growth simply cannot ignore these challenges.

We hope you enjoy our whitepaper.

To find out more about our energy and utility quality projects view here.

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