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How can you build successful, innovative and effective mobile payments solutions… 

“Mobile payments through the use of smart phones and other mobile devices is one of the biggest revolutions in financial services…The industry has huge potential.” John Garvey, Banking and Capital Markets Leader, PWC

Led by the sharp rise in the number of mobile subscribers globally, m-payments are predicted to exceed $721.4 billion by 2017. For financial organisations, mobile network operators and retailers mobile payments offer clear benefits – an innovative differentiation opportunity, new revenue streams and an opportunity to increase customer retention and recruitment. The winners will collaborate to develop innovative business models, invest in auspicious technologies and focus on meeting consumers’ desire for security, speed and convenience.

With these challenges in mind, SQS quality management experts have created a series of papers discussing strategies fundamental to building effective and successful m-payment applications.

Our five-part series of whitepapers cover:

  • Test Automation
    Why effective Test Automation drives successful and quality driven mobile payment.
  • Agile Development
    The role of Agile development methodologies in the adoption of mobile payment technology.
  • Security Testing
    How will Security Testing help to reduce risk and build customer confidence in mobile payments.
  • Test Management
    Efficient Test Management can help you to launch mobile payments faster, smarter and cheaper.
  • Open Source & Compliance
    Accelerate deployment of mobile payments using Open Source.

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