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The Challenge

SAP® Business Suite 4 SAP® Hana (S/4HANA) is SAP®’s fourth-generation ERP business application, a fully optimised, in-memory computing platform. Before CxOs and ERP leaders can exploit the S/4HANA functionality, resulting in significant business benefits, a great deal has to happen. In particular, CxOs and ERP leaders have to:

  • Identify if and how S/4HANA fits their ERP strategy, and update their strategy accordingly.
  • Evaluate the business impacts and benefits of S/4HANA, and build these into a convincing business case.
  • Identify transformation strategy of their current SAP® solution landscape including customisation into the S/4HANA.
  • Update their application integration strategy.
  • Select expert consulting service providers.
  • Secure the necessary internal business and IT resources.
  • Build an implementation plan and deployment timeline.

The Benefits

There are many technical changes in S/4HANA that will impact the business, particularly around business processes and functionality (standard and customer specific).

SQS can provide you an Impact Assessment, which supports both business and IT decisions.

Get clarity on the technical and functional impact of migration:

  • What’s configured and customised in your current SAP® landscape.
  • Identify all 3rd party systems that interface with SAP® in your E2E IT landscape.
  • Gain a detailed perspective on the critical business processes which are affected to avoid business disruptions during or after migration.
  • Defined guidelines on what should be included in your enduring assurance solution.
  • Manage expectations from your systems integrator(s) for the actual migration through our assessment report.

Gartner have estimated that by 2020 – 35 % of all users would be live on S/4HANA, with transformation and implementation plans ranging from 18 months to 5 years in length. In many organisations business cases are still being put together or planned. The strength of any business case would indeed benefit from a strong business and IT impact assessment.

The Solution

SQS’ highly experienced business analysis team will deliver this impact assessment, highlighting potential change, in addition to the impact on both your business and IT users.

  • An Impact Assessment should be an integral part of the business case for any S/4HANA upgrade programme.
  • For the business we provide insight that will enable decision makers and stakeholders to see the overall risk to the business, in addition to the impact on business growth and stability. It can include;
  • The impact on critical functionality & business processes change to align with new functionality.
  • The impact on upgrade/migration timing to the business and opportunity loss.
  • A detailed perspective of the critical business processes affected by the migration, that may cause business disruptions For IT teams we will review the SAP® & IT landscape for customisation and migration scope, it can include;
  • The impact of moving custom code from your current SAP® landscape to S/4HANA.
  • The interfaces with 3rd party systems that may cause data breakdown in your end-to-end IT landscape.
  • Regression testing pack reviews to enable maximum test coverage pre, during and post migration.

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