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Quality, in essence, depends on getting your requirements right, and then meeting those requirements. The agile development process and delivery demands accurate, rapid redefining of requirements for each sprint.

At SQS, we have proven agile experience that enables the rapid defining of requirements, and that those requirements are correct, consistent, unambiguous, complete and verifiable. We maintain quality throughout the agile development process by bringing speed and rigour to the definition process. This approach is what has enabled us to deliver test driven development at scale repeatably for organisations worldwide.

SQS: Ensuring Success for your Digital Project

Every project is unique and our experienced practitioners are specialists within many industries, technologies, platforms and systems. However, on a broad level, we provide:

Business Analysis Services:

  • Business and process modelling
    We will take stock of your ‘as is’ business processes, develop the ‘to be’ view and identify the gaps that need further investigation to ensure successful business outcomes.
  • Requirements management
    We will ensure end-to-end requirements coverage and traceability, giving you clear visibility of the digital project’s contribution to your business goals. We adopt key change management principles to align end users on the transformation journey, as well as implement and manage project change requests and queries.
  • Requirements engineering
    We’ll determine and specify the requirements for the work and create the appropriate sign-off process.
  • Requirements verification and validation
    We’ll certify that the requirements documented are an acceptable and complete description of the business need to be implemented, and can be clearly understood by all teams, including development and test.

Continuous Software Quality Assurance

As well as defining the right requirements, you need early confirmation that your solution will meet those business expectations. We provide continuous software quality assurance with test driven development, fail fast approaches, code assurance solutions and automation of functional and non-functional testing.

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