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Speed to market is essential when competing in the digital economy.  SQS is dedicated to help their clients move not only faster, but also to increase the flow of value and pace of change; as well as focusing on continuous improvement and learning.

With experience in some of the worlds’ leading organisations, SQS helps business leaders change how they think about running an organisation. Everything from their culture, to their strategy, to their structure, needs to adapt to the rapidly changing world around them.  The ability to change course as a response to internal as well as external factors is the essence of Business Agility. 

Organisations who are able to adopt Business Agility Patterns and Anti-Patterns are able to adapt to technology changes which becomes a straight forward and fluid process.  SQS customers are effectively set up to be customer centric, digital by default, and responsive organisations, ensuring success on their digital transformation journeys.

How SQS supports Business Agility:

  • Organisational Agility:  Effective organisational agility ensures that a company can react successfully to the emergence of new competitors, the development of new industry-changing technologies, or sudden shifts in overall market conditions.
  • Continuous Delivery/ DevOps: Implementing DevOps initiatives and continuous delivery is essential for business agility and aids in improving productivity and efficiency.
  • Lean / Agile Delivery: Thinking lean and embracing lean ensures organisations have the effective leadership foundation for adopting and applying Agile principles and practices.

Organisational Agility

  • Leadership engagement & strategic alignment
  • Culture & change leadership
  • Agile demand management & portfolio
  • Product/Value stream orientation
  • Customer centred strategies
  • Agility accelerators & Antipatterns

Continuous Delivery / DevOps

  • Deployment and release
  • Automation
  • Environment management
  • Configuration management
  • Tool change management
  • Feedback & Analysis

Lean / Agile Delivery

  • Team methods and roles
  • Product Management
  • Scaling
  • Architecture
  • Elimination of waste
  • Continous Improvement
  • Customer Centricity
  • Visualisation

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