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Delivering on a digital strategy requires widespread business change with a clear change management strategy. Change that shareholders and delivery teams need to accept and embrace to make your digital vision a reality. Key to successfully managing strategic change is smart governance, with clear visibility of how to get to your destination.

Change programmes also benefit if positive results are seen early on. This helps to promote the positive outcomes of implementing the change management strategy to all stakeholders, and providing feedback to your delivery teams, enabling them to see the results of best practice and integrate this into their work as the programme moves forward.

SQS can help you create the roadmap that takes your organisation to where you want to be. 

We understand how to strategically manage the complexity and implementation of integrating new technology while making the most of your legacy systems. And we can show you how to scale agile delivery across your entire organisation and client base.

How SQS Helps to Manage Strategic Change

Our global network of accredited, industry specialist practitioners is equipped to support you in the following strategic change activities:

  • Portfolio Management
    Making sure your current programmes and projects support your overall management strategy is essential for efficient deployment of resources. Our portfolio management solutions help you choose the right programmes and projects for your business goals.
  • Business and Technology Architecture
    The realisation of your change management strategy depends on breaking the journey down into clear, logical and practical steps. We will work with you to define your delivery roadmap and the specific implementation actions required to get you where you need to be.
  • Benefits Management
    It is important to ensure that investments and good intentions do not fall into a ‘black hole’ once the approvals for funding have been secured. We help you to measure progress and demonstrate how to provide evidence of successes so you – and other stakeholders – know the plan is on track.
  • Change Management
    The key to change is to get everyone on board. We help you identify, communicate and mobilise stakeholders so your plans for change are accepted and you get the buy-in you need to deliver the intended results.

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