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There is a need to test your software or application from a user perspective, and it’s important to choose the kinds of people who are typical of your target market. This is where SQS’ Crowd Sourcing software testing service can help enormously.

Through partners we leverage our global crowdsourced testing professionals and UX specialists for on-demand engagements in customer projects for market research, open innovation, design and field validation of apps and digital products.

Without considering user experience, your online customers may shop elsewhere, your customer service department will receive more phone calls and – if you are maintaining an in-house company system – your employees will find ways to circumvent your software-driven process controls.

Emulating Real-World Use

Our crowd sourcing software testing platform is connected to a network of over 45,000 professional software testers. When you set up your preferred ‘crowd’, you can specify demographics and the device platforms that emulate real-world use.

You’ll get professional-level market-equivalent testing that gives you specific feedback on user experience. You’ll also learn which browsers are most common among your target demographic, enabling you to focus on the ones that are in the majority.

You can couple crowd sourcing software testing with other performance testing scenarios, such as unusually high capacity at certain times of the year, to see how changes in performance affects the usability of your system or software. This enables you to prioritise your development work to address areas that have the most impact when it comes to product launch.

With optimised user experience testing, we can help you promote digital take up, increase sales and optimise internal systems for ease of use. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your user testing.

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