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The challenge facing digitally-driven organisations today is speed of delivery. Competition is fierce, and the race is won by those who can deliver at pace and to the expectation of stakeholders and markets alike. 

Success relies on experience, and for those who are breaking new digital ground, SQS brings that delivery management experience to your organisation. 

Managing delivery covers the technical aspects of project delivery, such as: planning, estimating, measuring and controlling. However, project success hinges on more than this, so we also cover the less obvious, but just as critical, elements, such as: leading, enabling, motivating and communicating.

How SQS Helps you Deliver on Time

We have been supporting global organisations to deliver on their projects for over 30 years. This direct experience means that we know where potential project risks and pitfalls lie, and our experienced practitioners can foresee and resolve potential issues early.

Within our delivery management framework, we offer the following services:

  • Agile Transformation
    We can introduce agile working to your organisation, and provide training for your staff. We can assess your setup and provide coachers and leaders to ensure your agile methodology is the best it can be for your project.
  • Programme, project and work management
    We provide PM and PMO frameworks, plus coaching for your own project managers. We can provide experienced teams to assist in the day to day planning and also carry out assessments on delivery and benefits management.
  • Vendor management
    We can represent you in communications with your vendors in the quality assurance of project delivery across the entire software development lifecycle. We can implement quality gates to ensure third party vendors are delivering against agreed milestones that are in line with your business goals.

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