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Quality management is not a separate activity you do in addition to managing your business. Instead, the processes and procedures you use to run your business are grounded in your quality management strategy. This strategy should cover all aspects of your organisation – from setting your strategic direction to interacting with your customers to making changes in code. Similarly, your quality improvement processes should apply to your products too, from conception, through development, into launch and maintenance.

In today’s increasingly agile software development environment, robust quality improvement process and testing practices are what keep your projects on track, to ensures quality outputs from your DevOps team.

As your strategic quality partner, we will help you create a quality testing environment in which to create, maintain and improve your software and IT systems. We will define your quality management processes, standards and methods, and ensure eligibility for certification (i.e. ISO 9001). 

We can help you formulate a quality management strategy and bring independent, third party governance that mitigates risk. We can also help you create a ‘test centre of excellence’ – guaranteeing that quality improvements underpin all your testing activities.

Quality Governance

We will help you set up a quality management process of testing, measurement, analysis and enabling continuous improvement throughout your product lifecycle and standard operations.

We’ll provide end to end visibility of your specific quality measurements and help you create a continuous test improvement plan – constantly assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of your testing.

Test Centre of Excellence

We will work with you to create a testing competency centre within your organisation. This ‘test centre of excellence’ is the testing quality hub of your organisation; it’s where all the resources are kept, standards are documented and data is analysed, and is an efficient way of ensuring your testing activities proactively support your software development.

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