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It’s essential to provide your users with a good experience when they visit your website or application interface. So you’ll need to make sure you have capacity and load balancing in place and optimal software performance to deliver a constant level of service, even at peak times.

However, you don’t want so much ‘headroom’ that you’re paying for capacity you don’t need. Or you have capacity that never gets used because there’s a bottleneck elsewhere in your system. Don’t let performance problems and poor response times taint your software development projects.

We start by ensuring that your load and performance requirements are appropriately matched to your business objectives. We will then use these as the basis for applying load performance software testing services to your current software and infrastructure, and detect the system components that are currently restricting overall performance. Through load and stress testing, we’ll test check whether an anticipated – but not yet experienced – increase in load will cause performance problems, and identify areas for improvement.

Early Detection Helps to Boost Performance

Load and performance problems are often deeply rooted in the architecture. For this reason, it’s best practice to introduce early, and frequent, fault detection into your overall performance testing approach. When defined thresholds are exceeded, performance can be repeatedly optimised without any adverse effect on the system. SQS will always work proactively to improve your performance levels, rather than just pointing out risks and weaknesses.

Our services include:

  • Performance testing
    Defining performance requirements, generating performance scripts, running appropriate tests and reporting on results
  • Capacity benchmarking
    Assessing how systems perform under known load conditions at the design or requirements stage
  • Tuning and optimisation
    Using performance test scripts in a proactive way to identify bottlenecks, and make recommendations for improving application performance

SQS Quality Cloud for Heavy Loads

With high loads, load and performance tests also lead to increased costs for your existing system. A low-cost option is to use the SQS Quality Cloud, our on-demand service.

Make sure your customers are able to interact with you in the way you expect – and you’re not spending on capacity you don’t need. Contact us for a performance review.

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