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A mature ‘Quality Competence Centre’ can shape an organisations approach and attitude to testing and quality management.

SQS can help you to establish the strongest possible quality core, from which will radiate best practices, standards, approaches and techniques which will underpin healthy and reliable production systems.

Our expertise in this area means we can offer you best practice support in three ways:

  1. Strengthen an Existing Test Centre
    We can measure your existing Test Centre and using our experience produce a roadmap for improvement. This service is especially useful if your company has undergone significant change in the way you develop products, i.e. adopting Agile or creating a DevOps department
  2. Create a New Test Centre
    If you don’t have a test centre, we can help you create one that’s suited to your organisation. We’ll give you the training you need to manage, run and improve a tcoe within your organisation so quality and integrated testing becomes a driver for innovation and development, rather than a hindrance
  3. Management of your Test Centre
    We can manage your test centre on an ongoing basis. We’ll support and lead your software testing services, with your input. We can operate a partnership model with a manager from your organisation; ensuring that you’re adhering to the most up-to-date, efficient software and IT testing practices, and you can provide constant feedback and input from your business to ensure that it retains relevance and value

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