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Our testing services are designed to support you throughout the planning, development and maintenance stages of your product lifecycle. We have a strong emphasis on integrated testing, where testing is built-in to a project or system from the outset.

We maintain a large number of professional testing services that can be combined and configured to meet a wide range of customer demands. There services can be delivered in a number of ways, from consultancy to managed service, on demand to tool or environment provision.

Performance Testing

We give you confidence that your application will work to the performance levels that you need, and under the predicted load.

We’ll analyse your infrastructure to check for inherent bottlenecks before identifying the most cost effective areas for improvement.

Security Testing

A constant and vigilant approach to security ensures you are protected today and tomorrow. Prevention is always better than cure and we’ll identify your current risks to help you create and manage your own security.

Mobile Testing

Give users a seamless experience across mobile, smartphone and desktop. We help you to run your mobile user testing scenarios as efficiently as possible, ensuring you cover all eventualities, while keeping your testing focused.

Test Data Management

The optimum test data management strategy allows for easy test data availability. Easy access to test data when you need it helps to reduce costs, keep to timelines and demonstrate legislative compliance.

Environment Services

Setting up your testing environment for accuracy, efficiency and a true representation of real-world conditions.

We help you establish a representative testing environment for accurate, reliable test outcomes. If your infrastructure doesn’t yet exist, we’ll establish a real or virtual test environment so that you can test throughout your development and test phases.

Crowd Sourcing

Get feedback on usability before you launch your software or application. Choose your target demographic from our extensive network of professional software testers and get feedback on usability, user preference and potential take-up before you launch to the market.

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