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The availability of up-to-date, reliable and anonymous test data is essential for implementing your test data management strategy.  In many organisations, data is exported from different systems, often in different formats. The task of capturing, streamlining, processing and anonymising this data to ensure regulatory compliance and reliable test scenarios can be time consuming, and in some cases may cause project delays or faults in production.

The solution is in a coherent big data strategy that, once implemented, will manage, process and collate the correct data within your testing schedule, and make sure the right data is available at the right time, in the right environment.

Our Approach to Test Data Management

Our consultants will examine your existing test data management processes and analyse your systems before making specific recommendations with a comprehensive test data management strategy.

However, broadly speaking, our test data management solutions strategy provides:

  • Access to the right test data when you need it
  • Data security and compliance with data protection regulations
  • Cost saving through the use of automation where appropriate
  • Short time to market
  • Overall speed and efficiency gains within your testing processes

From the initial survey to full implementation, our specialist data management consultants will help to introduce and improve test data management processes, automatically generate test data and eliminate roadblocks in your production or development testing. We can also provide training and employee workshops in test data management to ensure your organisation continues to build best practices for your test data management strategy alongside your business requirements.

Design your test data management system for easy compliance. 

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