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If your software testing environment process doesn’t properly represent your actual environment, then your software test environment management strategy and resulting data are close to meaningless. The worst situation of all is that all your tests have passed – and your project is given the green light for release – only to fail once live.

The key is to create, plan and manage a testing environment strategy that is an appropriate representation of your existing, or proposed, production system. If capacity is an issue, then our SQS Quality Cloud is available to help you manage costs. Virtualisation – either on your site or using our cloud – allows you to test systems or services early in their development, before the infrastructure to support them exists.

Test Environment Management

Our test consultants can help you create and plan the ideal test environment strategy. If you already have a test environment, we can optimise it so that it delivers a reliable, trusted service. We can also offer your team comprehensive training in how to run and manage a successful test environment process.

Successful test environment management can be challenging. So, when we work with you, we ensure that you get an environment that you can work with and is within your budget. We do this through six key steps:

  1. Reliable planning
    Controlled Test Environment Management rollout processes.
  2. Savings
    Reduced time and costs.
  3. Know-how
    Extensive experience of the interaction between the test environment and test data.
  4. Efficiency
    Automatic provision of test environments using virtualisation.
  5. Transparency
    Efficient use of hardware and software with IT Asset Management.
  6. Sustainability
    Your own staff trained by our certified trainers.

Finally, SQS can assume full management responsibility for the provision of our test environments – ensuring they are fully maintained and available whenever needed.

Make sure your test environment structure is delivering what you need – contact us to discuss the best way forward to optimise your test environment.

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