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To maintain the fault-free, smooth running of your company’s IT systems, you’ll need to run core tests every time a system change or upgrade occurs, ensuring the change hasn’t had a detrimental impact. However, executing a manual testing programme for every minor upgrade is both costly and time-consuming, and you may not have the in-house expertise or resource availability to run comprehensive testing programmes that will be required.

Creating automated software testing is the perfect solution. It takes less time and is cheaper than manual testing, and doesn't require you to have specific testing expertise. Test runs that have to be performed frequently at pre-determined intervals are the most suited to automation, and individual steps, such as pre and post processing, are also suitable.

Our Approach to Automated Testing

We help you to select the right automation testing framework and automated testing tools to support your operations or development programme on an ongoing basis. Examples of services we can offer are: 

  • Full managed service automation – execution on demand using our Test Automation FaQtory®.
  • On-site consulting: Helping you build the right automation testing framework solution.
  • Health check: We assess the quality of your existing automation solution and make suggestions for optimisation.
  • Readiness assessment: We assess your readiness for test automation and help to optimise the testing process.
  • Multi factor analysis: We find the right automation testing tool for you.
  • Proof of concept: We produce a technical feasibility study, in order to ensure that the automation solution is efficient within your environment.
  • Framework design and implementation: We plan and establish a powerful automation testing framework.
  • We run automated tests for you, using our offshore resources.

Let your testing take care of itself with automation. Get in touch to discuss how our software test automation expertise can help your operations to run more smoothly.

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