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Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and it is only a matter of time before it is no longer an opt-in but a business necessity to have a good understanding and viable products to ensure market survival. Faced with the immense cost pressure coming from automation, manual operations will be downgraded to the level of a commodity that can only be provided below cost as part of a larger package, or offered via cheap labour sources.

It is against this backdrop that we have compiled the sixth edition of the SQS Whitepaper Book. We hope that our 2017/2018 edition will give you solutions and insight from our industry and technology specialist consultants.

Download the light version of the book to read the following whitepapers – or alternatively download them separately on our content hub

Organisational Effectiveness

  • Implementing your Digital Transformation through your People
  • Business Quality Assurance (BQA) – Why Wait?
  • Turning Around the Tanker – Implementing DevOps in a Global Multinational

Quality Intelligence & Data Analytics

  • Artificial intelligence Transforming Banking and Financial Services
  • RegTech – The Confluence of Technology and Compliance
  • Smart Data – ‘Intelligent’ Data as a Driver for Insurance Products of the Future

Continuous Quality & Digital Assurance

  • API Economy – The Beginning of an Exponential Era
  • Testing Dockerised Microservices in DevOps Landscape
  • Customer Satisfaction Beta Testing (CSBT) – A Giant Leap Towards a “Positively Different” QA Approach
Whitepaper E-Book

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