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For over 35 years, our thought leadership and quality specialism has been helping organisations manage their business and technology risks to achieve fit-for-purpose business outcomes.  We share with you our annual whitepaper books that will give you solutions and insight from our industry and technology specialist consultants.

You can also download individual whitepapers in our content hub.

2017/2018 Whitepaper Book

Topics include:

  • Implementing your Digital Transformation through your People
  • Business Quality Assurance (BQA) – Why Wait?
  • Turning Around the Tanker – Implementing DevOps in a Global Multinational
  • Artificial Intelligence Transforming Banking and Financial Services
  • RegTech – The Confluence of Technology and Compliance
  • Smart Data – ‘Intelligent’ Data as a Driver for Insurance Products of the Future 

2016 Whitepaper Book

Topics include:

  • Testing the internet of things – intelligence is required
  • The internet of things and Getting Security right
  • Towards ‘Faster’ payments – transformation in payment Systems
  • Blockchain – Disruptive technology & innovation – Capital Markets
  • The New EU General Data Protection Regulation and its Consequences for it operations and Governance 
  • Agile transformation @organisation

2015 Whitepaper Book 

Topics include:

  • Keeping up with the pace of it Change
  • How to Deliver Change by implementing Devops
  • SQS requirement Development & Management Framework
  • Manage end-to-end Quality of Complex Software Systems
  • Virtualisation – the Smarter and Faster Way to perform testing open Source Mobile automation

2014 Whitepaper Book

Topics include:

  • State and Trends of Quality Assurance of Cross-Linked Embedded Systems
  • Effective Test Management Makes Mobile Payments Launch Faster, Smarter and Cheaper
  • Software Quality Governance
  • The Role of Agile Development Methodologies in the Adaption of Mobile Payment Technology
  • Building a Successful Testing Partnership for Outsourced Agile Delivery
  • Synthetic Test Data and its Consequences

2013 Whitepaper Book  

Topics include:

  • Distributed Agile
  • Offshore Agile Testing
  • Quality in Outsourcing Contexts
  • Distributed Engineered Test Efficiency Improvement
  • Industrialised Test Automation
  • User Experience Testing

2012 Whitepaper Book

Topics include:

  • Quality management with ISO
  • Industrialisation as enabler of global delivery
  • Compliance
  • SWIFT messaging
  • Systematic test data anonymisation
  • Empowering organisations with Spice

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