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Software development can be a highly complex, time-consuming and cost-intensive process. If an IT system fails in the field, the costs to the business can be far-reaching; an organisation may lose customers, damage its reputation or face serious business-impacting risk. It is critical to get the right test management process approach in order to appropriately mitigate risk, and deliver the highest quality solution in the short possible time.

This needs to be underpinned by a strong, process driven approach to functional system testing. 

With functional testing as an inherent part of your project plan from day one, testing incrementally increases your confidence safety-net throughout the project, rather than acting as a barrier to launch.

Successful Test Management

SQS provides a comprehensive and proven test management process. We will design your testing strategy and individual test plans and then manage all test execution activities. Our focus is to use testing efficiently, to help to reach your deadline and cut costs where possible. We track relevant indicators and produce regular reports on project progress, known risks and current application quality.

We also manage a powerful defect management process, giving you full visibility of any errors detected during the testing activity. Yet, it’s not enough just to know something’s not working – we can pinpoint exactly what needs to change and then ensure that the change has been successfully applied.

Functional Testing Services

Our 30 years’ experience means we bring best functional testing practice across the industries and locations we work within. Our experts work in a structured and systematic way, ensuring your testing adds value to your project or processes. All SQS consultants are trained and qualified in the full range of test case specification techniques, so will be sure to pick the right approach for each different scenario that they are asked to test – rather than doing the same thing time after time. It is this attention to detail and professional focus, which will help you to achieve your business objectives with confidence that we are taking care of quality.

Make sure your development project is heading in the right direction from day one. Contact us to discuss how we can manage your testing and quality assurance strategy.

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