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Selecting and managing the right test tool strategy is a crucial decision for any organisation. Current testing requirements, development needs, technology platform, budget and future growth are all factors in this decision. However, unless you have direct experience of any given tool (or suite of tools), it’s difficult to really know if it’s right for the job and how to implement your test tool management strategy.

There are excellent testing tools available – however, the ‘best’ one is the ‘right’ one. We’ve seen instances where clients have purchased a suite of tools that have never been used, or only used to a small extent. With the right tool and implementing the right test tool management process it’s possible to achieve a wide range of improvements, including: reduced costs and development risks, improved software quality and shorter product roll-out times.

Independent and Objective Test Tool Advice

We’ve been successfully managing test tool programs for over 30 years across a wide range of industries and technologies.

We can bring this expertise to your testing environment, your development and operational processes and your own technical know-how and recommend the test tool management strategy to best fit your business. 

Our advice is always based on the best tool for the job – we are completely independent and our recommendations are, therefore, truly objective. We can also run workshops and give your staff training to help you with the implementation of the test tool management process. We can show you exactly how to get the most out of your investment, including: managing automation, data creation and storage, and continual reporting and compliance. SQS can also provide cost effective on demand management and maintenance solutions for your test tool architecture.

If you’re investing in a testing tool for your business, contact us first for impartial, objective advice before you commit.

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