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Founded in 2003 – and acquired by SQS in 2015 – Trissential is a North American management consultancy company with a presence in Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Chicago. In 2014, Trissential’s revenues were $33 million and they operated across several market sectors, including: manufacturing, retail and distribution, healthcare, financial services and energy.

The Essential Business Model

Trissential is a business improvement company, with a clear, structured approach to helping their clients perform better through an established model of improvement, called the Essential Business Model. This model has three key elements:

  • E1: Effective Strategy
    Ensuring the right activities are prioritised to take the organisation in the direction it needs to go.
  • E2: Efficient Management
    Better project management includes better communication, motivation, planning and measuring, with the goal of meeting project deadlines and budget.
  • E3: Exceptional Execution
    The design, development and implementation of the activities that actually deliver on the vision and realise the ROI.

Using the Essential Business Model as a fundamental framework to positive, effective change and improved performance, Trissential helps their clients in the following areas:

  • Enterprise transformation.
  • Change leadership.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Portfolio, programme and project management.
  • Business analysis.

Trissential works with large, global organisations and smaller, growing businesses, acting as an ever-present, trusted partner in business development and improvement.

For more information on Trissential, visit: http://www.trissential.com/

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