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Assuring Performance through Quality Assurance

With a mission to transform the world through quality―in business processes, products and performance―SQS is the leading global specialist in end-to-end software quality and testing for banking and financial services.

Agile, Dev Ops & Continuous Integration
Addressing the continuing compression of the software development life cycle, SQS eases transition to accelerated development approaches with strategic guidance, assessment, tooling, training and tactical support.

Load & Performance Testing
SQS ensures fast and flawless banking and financial system performance under the most stressful operating conditions to provide clients with the best possible experience, online or off.

Security Testing
SQS detects and eradicates security vulnerabilities in banking and financial systems to ensure secure performance and active and continuously enhanced protection of confidential client data.

Test Automation
To maintain fault-free operation of complex IT systems, SQS offers strategic guidance and tactical support for the automation of time-consuming but crucial test runs and processes.

What is the Key to a Smooth Agile Transition? Training.

Technology has accelerated the pace of change to hyper speed mode, with quarterly release schedules scrapped in favor of continuous iteration, where everybody is expected to know everything and do their jobs and everyone else's at a faster pace. Functioning, let alone assuring quality under that kind of pressure, creates huge but not insurmountable challenges. Training can rescue you from bedlam and ensure a smooth Agile transition. 

Did You Know?

SQS is one of the world’s foremost experts in software quality. Every year since 1994, the SQS Academy has upskilled and certified quality assurance professionals―now more than 5,000 annually―with 750 courses on software quality management and testing.

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