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The vision of the future where technology and innovation combine to solve some of mankind’s most complex and challenging problems is closer than we think. Advanced technologies are transforming all aspects of our lives and the rapid pace of technological change is happening so fast that it is often called a revolution. This revolution is unlike any previous one in history, and it will affect us all in ways we cannot even begin to imagine.

To better understand consumer attitudes to advanced technology and assess the sentiment towards the transformative changes that are happening in society SQS conducted research with 2000 adults. They were asked about AI in the home, on the move and in their daily transactions as well as awareness and the perceptions of AI in other areas of their lives to discover the UK General Public’s awareness of, interest in and perceptions of AI Technology.

One thing was clear for businesses wanting to appropriate this technology. Building consumer trust in new and emerging technology is critical for the advancement of technology in society.

The full results have been compiled into a report, which you can download for free here.

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